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License Renewal Process

From a fellow ham:

My license expired in November of 2015. A couple weeks before my expiration date I went online to see what was needed to get a new license. I had no idea that no retesting was needed. I simply went online and filled out the application, input my information and waited for a reply in my e-mail. When I got the message, that's when I got all messed up! In the e-mail there was a link to take you to the FCC website for licensing. I went there and saw another link to view my new license. I clicked on that and there it was; the only thing, I couldn't figure out how to print it out in a wallet size document. I called the 800 number and talked to a technician that told me on the left side of the page there was a download button. That took me to another page where you input your user and password, and then you are able to view the real deal. It is a wallet size bi-fold card, and a half page document just as the original. They are both cutouts to simply use scissors. I used matte photography paper, which is like card stock, and it turned out better than my first license! I bought the paper at Staples for a few bucks. You can also have the card laminated so it will protect and it will keep it together since it is a bi-fold. I hope this is helpful to all!

Oklahoma State Amateur Radio Identification Application

This is issued by the Department of Public Safety. You will need to mail this application in with a copy of your amateur radio license to:

Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City OK 73136-0415

Testing Resources

Sample Exams at QRZ
Question Pool from ARRL
Exam Sessions for Oklahoma
Class Sessions for Oklahoma

Independent Study Course Available

Help YOUR club build its future! Did you know that there is a training course offered by FEMA that trains on the Incident Command System? Did you know that it is as easy as a click of a button? Well, it's true! You need to go to the website. Once there you can print out the courses and the final exam. Once you have completed the exam online, the results will come back within 2 business days. When you have passed, you will get a certificate from FEMA that is suitable for framing. Go online today and help build YOUR club to success for the future!

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