IRLP (Internet Relay Linking Project)

How to use Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP):

  • You can get node numbers from all around the world at:
  • Monitor the frequency to see if someone is using it.
  • If the frequency is clear, key up the repeater announce that you are going to access IRLP and give your call sign. If the repeater Id’s when unkeyed, wait for it to finish.
  • Press PTT dial the node number, continue to hold the PTT for 2 seconds after the last digit. You will hear a response that the repeater is connected. Call the person your are trying to contact or give your call sign to see who might contact you.
    Note: Remember there will be about a 2-second delay between transmissions.
  • To disconnect the node, press PTT dial 73 continue to hold the PTT for 2 seconds. After the node announces it has disconnected, Key the repeater, announce that you are clear of IRLP and give your call sign.
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